NFTHashi is a Trust-minimized crosschain NFT bridge built with Connext.



NFTHashi team wants to provide a general & trust-minimized cross-chain bridge for NFT. NFTHashi brings

How it works

NFTHashi uses Connext as an internal cross-chain messaging protocol.

The workflow of the bridge is the following.

  1. A User deposits NFT in the NFTHashi at the source chain

  2. The NFTHashi makes a cross-chain call through Connext

  3. The NFTHashi receives a cross-chain message in the destination chain

  4. The NFTHashi mint corresponding NFT to the user in the destination chain

Brided Information

  • The contract address is calculated from the NFT original contract address and chain. It uses create2, so the address in the destination chain is calculated counterfactually.

  • Token ID is the same for both the source chain and the destination chain

  • Token URI is copied and bridged to the destination chain

Security Concerns

  • NFTHashi leverages Connext, so we have the same security model as Connext.

  • NFTHashi uses Lock & Mint model in the bridge. And NFTHashi team has an upgradability role in the contract in the early time. This is an additional trusting point on top of Connext.


NFTHashi project starts from ETHAmsterdam hackathon


Please contact us at NFTHashi Discord

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