How to Use


Before using NFTHashi, you need to have NFT in the source chain. Please use this faucet if you don't have NFT.


Go to the NFTHashi app page. Click App to access the bridge app.

Click the right-top "Connect Wallet" button, then connect the wallet

Select Network

Please select networks to bridge. The source chain is the chain you currently have the NFT, and you will bridge NFT to the destination chain. The connected network and source chain should be the same to make the transaction.

Then click "Select NFT" to the next step.

Select NFT

Please click and select NFT to bridge. Please use this faucet if you don't have NFT.


After selecting NFT, the bridge preview displays.

Approve Transaction

If you have not approved the NFTHashi contract, it asks for approve transaction. This approval allows the NFTHashi contract takes your NFT to bridge. If NFTHashi is already approved, this process is skipped.

Bridge Transaction

This is the last part of the bridge. This transaction takes your NFT and lock it in NFTHashi, then NFTHashi send cross-chain messaging to destination chain, then NFT will be minted in destination chain.

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